Show Requirements

The following information is part of the contract that will be sent to you once you have informed the sheep show that you would like to go ahead.

Legislative Requirements

If the showground is normally on agricultural land or there are other exhibitors with cloven hoof animals i.e. sheep, cattle, goats or camelidae, then an animal gathering license must be applied for from DEFRA your local trading standards can help you with this. Otherwise, if the sheep show is the only exhibitor with cloven hoof animals, please inform us and we will be able to apply our annual disapplying license.

The sheep show carries a £10 million Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance, Health and Safety Policy, Risk Assessment and Animal Welfare license. A hard copy is carried at all events and will be issued if required.

Requirements for The Sheep Show

Management to provide a quiet, firm, flat, dry area of ground 19 metres wide x 9 metres deep (with an extra area for the audience in the front of the stage.

Yes. We ideally ask for a 16amp electrical supply (3.8 kva) electrical supply. Please inform us if this is unavailable.

Yes please. Close access to clean drinking water (preferably a stand pipe) is ideal for us.

Should inclement weather or other circumstances beyond the artiste control prevent the artiste from presenting their act on the day, the aforementioned fee will still be payable, provided the artiste attends the venue/event.

Yes. Seating for at least 40 people is required. This can be a mix of chairs, bales or other forms of suitable outdoor seating.

Adequate access for our articulated show vehicle (14’6 High and 65’Long).

The artiste will provide a 40 foot trailer stage with PA system, radio mic (freq863-865) lighting, penning and shelter for nine show sheep and shearing sheep for our shearing demonstrations.

The sheep show operates its own bio-secure unit for current legislation. There will be 2 people in attendance.

We request that we have an approx. hour break in between show timings to allow our sheep to rest.


We couldn’t do what we do without the continued backing of our fantastic supporters so we thought we’d take the time out to show them off a bit.

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